Basement Development in Okotoks

Basement Developments in Okotoks

Are you living in Okotoks and thinking about a basement development?

Whether you just purchased a home or you have been living in it for a while the subject of a basement development or renovation will likely come up. While it may look like a huge task to develop an unfinished basement, with the right help from an experienced contractor like Timberstone it doesn’t have to be. We have been doing basement developments for a long time, and have the expertise to help you get the basement of your dreams.

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Why Timberstone?

Timberstone Projects loves basement developments in Okotoks, because of all the added benefits they provide. A basement renovation is the best way to increase living space and give us more room during those long winter months we experience in Okotoks.

Benefits of Basement Development

There are many benefits of developing your basement. Instead of using the unfinished space for storing boxes of holiday decorations, for example, you have many options for what to do with the space. You could choose to convert the space into a separate rental unit, or an office or other such space for your family’s personal use.

A finished basement will provide more value to your home, as well as offering additional square footage for spaces such as a playroom, office, or bedroom.

Additional Spaces

Based on your location, there may be zoning laws that restrict your property, prohibiting you from making certain changes or additions. You also may not be able to expand outward because of the proximity of your neighbours, for example. If you own a two-story home, expanding upwards may not be a viable option, either. This makes the basement space very valuable, as you are able to add functional space to your home without the interference of zoning restrictions. You may be able to convert this space into an extra bedroom and can also add another bathroom to your home during renovations, as long as you follow the stipulations of adding these spaces to your home. For example, most towns require two forms of exit and a closet to be considered a traditional bedroom.

Income Property

Finishing a basement may also allow you to add another income stream. If you finish the basement properly, so that it can be considered livable square footage and a livable bedroom, you can use this space as a rental unit and investment property. The living unit will need to conform to your local fire code, so this is something you must be sure to research if you are interested in using the space for this purpose. Usually, this requires at least one form of entrance and two forms of exit. Though a basement unit does not command as much money as an above-ground unit, you will still be able to increase the cash flow of your home in a space that would have otherwise been unused.

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basement finishing in Okotoks