Best beer fridge for Garage

Best Beer Fridge for Garage 

Best Beer Fridge for Garage 

There’s nothing better than cracking open a cold beer after a long day, or having a beer while working on a project in the garage! To do this, though, you’ll need to get a fridge that keeps your beer chilled and works properly in your garage space, too. This will usually require you to get a specialized fridge that can run in the colder temperatures of your garage. 

NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

The NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is one of the great options out there for a beer fridge. It has more than enough space to hold your beer, as it has the capacity to hold 126 cans! It would be perfect for storing beers for a sports night or cookout, too. It measures 18.4 x 18.9 x 32.9 inches, and can be a freestanding fridge in your garage space. 

It looks sleek and fashionable, too, with a stainless steel design that will blend right into your garage. There are four removable storage racks included, so no matter the size of your bottles or cans, you can fit them in. The thermostat has seven customizable options, or you can opt for the automatic temperature option, which can get as low as 37 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Some of its pros and cons are as follows:

  • Quiet operation
  • Removable shelves
  • Customizable thermostat settings
  • Difficult to reverse door

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Kismile Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

The Kismile Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is another great choice. It is also a smaller option, so it can fit in many small spaces or corners of your garage. It can even be ticked out of the way under your workbench– giving you easy access when you want a drink! Though it is small, there is still enough room to hold up to 60 cans, or if you’d rather store wine, it can hold up to 17 bottles. 

The fridge has removable shelving and is even outfitted with a blue LED light that can make it easy to see inside– especially if you have placed the fridge in a dark part of the garage. You can program its temperature between 39 and 61 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Some of its pros and cons are as follows:

  • Removable shelves
  • Small footprint
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Can be loud

Cooluli Classic Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Classic Mini Fridge is a stylish option that has a sort of vintage look to it. It is also portable, which is great for when you are moving things around in your garage– you can move the fridge easily too, if you so choose. As long as there is access to a plug, it can be placed anywhere!

There are two shelves inside that can be adjusted or removed entirely to fit different beverages. The fridge is also equipped with EcoMax technology, which prevents frosting and reduces excess energy use However, unlike most of the other options on this list, this fridge is unable to adjust its temperature.

Some of its pros and cons are as follows:

  • Prevents frosting
  • Different color and size options available 
  • Removable shelves
  • EcoMode to save power
  • Can’t adjust temperature

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Frigidaire Mini Fridge with Top Freezer

The Frigidaire Mini Fridge with Top Freezer is one of the best options for the garage, as it is a very versatile appliance. It is 3.3 cubic feet and can hold plenty of cans, even coming equipped with a top freezer to chill down drinks quickly. 

The model is also stainless steel, which is a great choice for a garage because it is more durable than some other materials. It is a more low budget option than some of the other options on the list, so it is also missing certain features like an interior LED light. That being said, it is a great choice for the price!

Some of its pros and cons are as follows:

  • Durable
  • Removable shelves
  • Multiple temperature modes
  • No light inside

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of refrigerator is best for garage?

You may think that you can use any fridge in your garage, but that is not necessarily true! If you live in an area that has a climate with consistent year-round temperatures, a regular fridge in your garage should be okay. Otherwise, you are going to want to get a specialized garage fridge. It is important that you make sure your garage falls within the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures for the appliance.

Can I keep a refrigerator in an unheated garage?

You can sometimes keep your refrigerator in an unheated garage, but it depends on a couple of factors. For instance, you will want to make sure the garage falls within the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures. It is important to get your temperatures correct! Another general rule of thumb when it comes to temperatures is to keep your garage at around 50 degrees. If your garage is colder than this, or the temperatures tend to fluctuate a lot, it may not be a wise idea to keep a refrigerator in an unheated garage. 

Do you need a special refrigerator for the garage?

A regular refrigerator can run into issues when placed in a garage, depending on factors such as the temperatures in the space. It is usually better to get a specialized refrigerator for the space.

Garage-ready refrigerators can run in very hot or very cold temperatures. They are designed with better insulation, as well as other internal components that can better handle the change in temperatures. Of course, because these are more specialized models, it does also make them more costly in comparison to regular household refrigerators.

Who makes the coldest beverage refrigerator?

There are plenty of great beverage refrigerators out there today to keep your drinks nice and frosty! Currently, the coldest beverage refrigerator on the market is the New Air Beer Froster. This particular model can keep drinks at a temperature of 23 degrees Fahrenheit.