best garage screen door

Best Garage Screen Door

Best Garage Screen Door

A screen door for your garage is not a necessity, but it is something that can help protect your space from thieves, the elements, and even insects. While it might not have been the first thing to come to mind when considering fixing up your garage, a garage screen door can definitely be a worthy investment! There are many different kinds of screen doors and kinds of materials that you can choose from as well in order to best fit your needs. Read on to learn more about some of the best garage screen door options you’ll find on the market, so that you can jumpstart your search!

Features to Consider

Of course, if you are looking for a screen door for your garage, there are certain considerations that you will need to make. Some features may be more important to you than others, but they should be considered in some capacity before you make a purchase. Read on to learn more about these features and why they can be so important to you as a home– and garage– owner. 


There are multiple types of garage screen doors, which is definitely something to take into account when you are in the market for one! Not all types of garage screen door are built equally. There are roll up garage screen doors and then removable garage screen doors. Both of these are attached to a hook and loop strip to mount it, and the strip runs around the top and the sides of the doorframe of your garage. If you opt for a roll up screen, these are detachable, and they have straps at the top that help you to roll them up in order to store the screen. Whether you choose a roll up or a removable screen door, both options will have an opening at the center of the screen that functions as a doorway so that you and your pets or family members can easily pass in and out. 

Easy Installation

Another thing that you will want to look at is installation. Of course, as with anything, the easier, the better! Luckily, garage screen doors do not require much in the way of installation. Rather than having to break out the power tools, you will be able to install your garage screen door by mounting it to the doorframe with a hook and loop strip. Typically, you will only need to attach the strip in order to install the screen– no tools needed at all! This makes it easy to take the screen down, too, when you do not need it. 

Material and Appearance

When it comes to the materials used and the overall appearance of the screen door, too, there are more than one option out there. Generally speaking, garage door screens use a tear resistant mesh, typically a fiberglass mesh. However, the denser and stronger the mesh, the more high end the screen door generally is. This means that there are options available for any price point– though, of course, for more heavy duty screens and denser materials, you should expect to shell out more money. You will also want to consider the screen door’s appearance because the look of the door is going to be on display to your guests and neighbors, too. It can greatly detract from the curb appeal of your home if you’re not careful! First and foremost, you will want a screen door that fulfills your needs, but you will want one that is attractive to you as well. 

Best Garage Screen Doors

Take a look below for some of the best garage screen doors that you can choose from! 

PICK FOR LIFE Garage Screen


The Pick For Life screen door is an option that can either be removed from its hook and loop strip, or can be simply rolled up to stay out of the way. This is great if you will be constantly coming in and out of the garage by yourself or in your vehicle– as your car cannot go through the screen door! This screen also features strong magnets for the partition in the center, so it will not flap open in the wind, and gravity weights at the bottom of the screen that keep everything in place. That way, the screen will also not blow inward. This particular screen is made from a tear proof fiberglass mesh.

AURELIO Tech Magnetic Door Screen


This model is the perfect size for a two car garage. It is especially important that the larger screens such as this one are durable, as they have a bigger surface area for potential damage to occur. This one is also made from reinforced fiberglass that can hold up to wear and tear. It has more magnets than most of the magnetic door screens out there on the market– this one has 34 magnets that make sure the screen stays closed! It also features integrated gravity sticks, which add more stability. The Aurelio Tech screen door is an easily detachable model, too.

iGotTech Unbugs Screen Door


The iGotTech Unbugs screen door is, like the Aurelio Tech screen door, another screen door that can be used for a two car garage. Luckily, this one is also an affordable option– typically, the larger the screen door, the more expensive they can get. This model, like the others on this list, also has an entrance in the middle that is magnetic. It has 24 magnets lining the partition to endure that it snaps closed behind you without issue– making it easy to avoid letting in pests! There are also weights located at the bottom of the screen to help it stay in place, even when high winds are blowing. You can either fold the screen for storage after you remove it from its hook and loop strip, or you can roll it up to the top of the doorframe with the integrated ties that come with it. 

LIAMST Garage Screen Door


The LIAMST screen door is a wonderful option because it is made from a very high density fiberglass mesh. This makes it one of the more heavy duty options that we have rounded up for this list. The heavier the screen door, the less of a chance it will rip down or blow around in the wind. This particular model has an entrance in the center that closes with 28 magnets in total. The amount of magnets makes sure that there are no gaps in the partition, and that it closes easily, too! It can be removed from the doorframe entirely, or rolled up using the included straps. It features weights in the bottom of the screen as well, just like the other options that are on the list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are garage door screens worth it?

If you are considering getting a screen door for your garage, you may be wondering if it it even worth investing in. They can be a great addition because they are an added layer of security for your home and your garage, especially if you leave the door open often. Plus, they can add another layer of protection against the cold and the elements, like rain or snow– not just protection against thieves!

What is the strongest screen door material?

When looking for a screen door, you may find that there are different screen door materials. This is something you may not be aware of until you start shopping! It is especially important to find a material that can hold up to the wear and tear that you expect your garage screen door to receive. So, what is the strongest screen door material out there on the market today? That would be pet screen. Another incredibly durable screen material is stainless steel, which has been used in areas like government housing due to its strength and durability. 

Are magnetic screens worth it?

Another type of screen or screen door that you may come across in your hunt for the perfect screen door is a magnetic screen. This may seem a bit odd or unusual. These are more similar to screen flaps that can attach to each other quickly after you enter or leave the garage space. There are a few reasons why these could be a good choice for you. For instance, if you have pets, the magnetic screen could keep them from following you outside. It can also help you to avoid having pesky insects follow you into the garage from outside your home!

Why do Florida garages have screens?

If you have ever been to Florida, you have probably noticed that many homeowners have opted for screens for their garages. You may wonder why this is. A big reason for this is privacy, do that you can keep the garage door open but neighbors cannot see directly inside with as much ease. Another reason is that Florida is very hot and buggy. A screen can keep the bugs from flying into the space and bothering you– or taking up residence– while your garage door is open or you are working in the garage on something.