Best inflatable garage

Best Inflatable Garage

Best Inflatable Garage

If you’re looking for the best inflatable garage, something that can be used to store your car or truck inside anywhere at any time, you’ve come to the right place.

Today we’re looking at the four best inflatable garages, allowing you to protect your car in style even if your garage is full or you’re in the middle of nowhere.

An inflatable garage can be used while camping to bring your garage with you, it can be used as an extra garage erected in your yard, or it can be used as an all-weather workstation. The possibilities are endless. Plus, inflatable garages are easy to set up, affordable, and easy to deflate and store inside your ordinary garage for later.

CarCapsule Indoor Inflatable Car Cover with HD Fan

The CarCapsule Indoor Inflatable Garage is more of a bubble for your car. The bubble is exactly 16 feet long, made of durable 0.30” thick 840 Denier fabric PVC, and extremely reliable. It only takes about 15 minutes to set up, with an inflation time of minutes. The actual shell covering your car is impervious to oil, gas, and other liquids that might come out of your vehicle.

This inflatable garage comes with an HD fan, which will change the air inside the bubble between three and four times per hour to keep the air circulating around your vehicle fresh. This is critical for storing a vehicle inside an inflatable garage. The fan also comes with a charcoal filter, meaning it will last longer and provide cleaner air.

There are two other models available, one at 14 feet and the other at 18 feet. Generally, these only really work for cars, so don’t expect to store a large truck inside this inflatable garage.

Ultimate Outdoor Car Shield – Inflatable Car Storage Garage

The Ultimate Outdoor Car Shield is the best inflatable car garage for sale right now online. This is a powerhouse garage, available anywhere from 16.5’ to 22’. It allows you to protect your car or other valuables in style. It sets up in minutes, makes sure nothing is going to touch your car and can be taken down whenever you want.

But the inflatable car garage does so much more than simply protect your vehicle from the elements. It also is continuously filtered by an integrated air pump to remove moisture and condensation while keeping your vehicle clean, dry, and in perfect condition. You can also access your car quickly and conveniently thanks to the easy “drive-in & drive out” feature. You can drive your car in and out of the portable, inflatable garage anytime.

The inflatable garage is also resistant to heat and the cold, and it offers protection from UV damage. The air pump can be set and then you never need to think about it again. The pump inflates the garage by itself in under 5 minutes, then automatically maintains the ideal air pressure so that you don’t need to do anything else. And when it comes time to deflate, simply hit the switch and the air pump will deflate the garage for you.

There are three large access doors, giving you access from the sides and the front. The air pump is also very quiet. You’ll barely hear it even when standing inside the portable garage. This is definitely the best cocoon you can use to protect your vehicle.

Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth & Car Parking Tent Workstation 

Here we have another great inflatable garage that can be used for just about anything. The garage is built from extremely thick PVC and 201D Oxford Fabric, as well as PU-coating for extra weatherproofing. This is a great outdoor workstation that can be used for anything from painting a motorcycle to quarantining your grandma. The amazing inflatable garage is available between 13 and 39 feet, with the largest available model basically being the size of an inflatable house.

As with every quality inflatable garage, this one comes with an efficient air filtration system. It’s designed with filtration windows that helped to absorb any kind of paint or debris and even bad odour. This prevents stinky paint and other chemicals from seeping out while working. Plus, the windows are integrated with carbon filters and dust-free cloth to make sure the environment is always clean and safe.

There are also two blowers that come with the garage, allowing for rapid inflation and even more efficient filtration. The garage has two convenient doors, one on either side. And, the garage comes as a complete set, able to be set up anywhere the moment it arrives.

In the Garage Car Shield Indoor Inflatable Storage Bubble 

In the Garage offers an amazing storage option for vehicles. This inflatable garage is actually designed to be used inside of an ordinary garage, protecting your vehicle in style. The bubble can be purchased between 18′ and 20’, and it really is the ultimate storage solution. If you don’t want your vehicle exposed to the humid air and potential moisture in your garage, simply put it inside this safety bubble.

The design is slim and attractive, not taking up more space than it needs to. The powerful fan system replaces the air within the bubble five times per hour. The filter is washable, allowing you to have peace of mind without purchasing new filters. Additionally, the car bubble comes with two years of warranty.

The bubble itself is made from a high-quality PVC material that is completely translucent, allowing you to show off your car while keeping it safe from the elements. No metal will touch your vehicle, it will be completely safe from all elements, and it can be used pretty much forever as long as you remember to wash the filter occasionally. 


Does Keeping Your Car in a Garage Help the Window Tint?

As with most things the sun can have a significant impact on your car’s window tint. Yes keeping your car in a garage will help elongate the lifetime of your window tint. Window tinting specialist Chadd Anderson from Allterior Motives in High River tells us that “Corrective and protective applications for your car need to be maintained, and keeping your car in a garage will significantly help.”

With that in mind if you don’t have a garage one of these inflatable garages might just be what you need.