Best Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Best Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Best Jump Starter with Air Compressor

If you are in the market for a jump starter for your car– or for an air compressor– consider purchasing a combined “jump starter with an air compressor” model! These combined models can save space in your car, while still ensuring that  you have the tools that you will need in the case of an accident, flat tire, or battery issue. Read on to learn more, and to find a list of many of the options available on the market today. 

Why Should I Get a Jump Starter with an Air Compressor?

You may not know the difference between a regular jump starter and one with an air compressor. Why should you get a jump starter with an air compressor, rather than just a jump starter? A jump starter with an air compressor can be helpful because the jump starter can jump start your vehicle, while the air compressor can be used to inflate your tires, for instance. It saves storage space in the back of your trunk, since you do not have two large tools back there, but you still have the functionality of both!

Best Jump Starter With Air Compressor

So, now that you understand what a jump starter with an air compressor is, you likely want to know what the options are out there on the market for this kind of tool! There are plenty of different models, coming in a variety of sizes, power levels, and price points. We have rounded up a list of many great jump starters with air compressors for you to start your research. Take a look at the following options! 


The Dewalt model is one of the more powerful and reliable models out on the market. It is believed to be one of the top jump starters with air compressors by reviewers. THis heavy duty machine has 1400 peaks and 700 instant amps. It also has an LED screen, which makes it easy to transmit any information about the charging process.

The air compressor that is included with this model comes with an auto stop, so that you do not waste too much energy or over inflate your tires. It also features a surefit nozzle. The model is easy to transport, with a handle on the top, and compact dimensions. 

Some of its key features are below:

  • On board cable and clamp storage 
  • Dual USB charging ports (can be used for personal devices)
  • Reverse polarity alarm to warn if connected improperly
  • May stop holding its charge after around a year

Schumacher SJ1331

The Schumacher jump starter model is unique because it also has a built in charger for the internal battery of the jump starter itself! The battery is a sealed lead acid battery, which is maintenance free, and allows for the voltmeter to be stored in any position when not in use. There is also an LED indicator that shows when the jump starter is charged or needs to be charged.

This particular model has an on and off switch, and features Sure-Grip clamps that can fit either top and side mount batteries. There is also a built in light to illuminate whatever it is that you are doing! Its compressor has a max of 150 PSI. The model is ideal for starting engines that are V6 or 4-6 cylinder. 

Some of its key features are below:

  • LED indicators to supply internal battery status
  • Swivel AC plug to prevent tangled cords
  • Plug in sockets to charge phone or run computer and TV during an outage
  • Only suitable for cars, since it is not powerful enough for trucks or big engine vehicles


The Michelin model comes from the same company as the renowned Michelin tires, so it is safe to assume that this will be a quality jump starter with an air compressor– and it is! In fact, this model even includes an inverter, unlike some of the other options out there on the market. The inverter has a 200W rating and 400W surge capability which provides AC power. 

It also has some great additional features, like Bluetooth support so that you can stream your music while jump starting your car or inflating your tires. You can also use it to listen to the radio, as it comes with a digital radio tuner, too. There is another input port that you can use to connect 3.5 mm devices. This model can be used from everything to charging your vehicle to charging your phone! 

Some of its key features are below:

  • High impact plastic case for increased durability
  • Bluetooth support for music streaming
  • High temperature automatic shutdown feature on air compressor
  • Cannot preset the amount of air to pump for compressor

JF.EGWO 2000

The JF.EGWO model is one of the smallest jump starter with air compressor models. Since it is small and light, it will not take up much space in your car or your garage, and it is also easily portable. The air pump has a max PSI of 120 PSI, and comes with four inflation adaptors. There is also a LED screen that will show you what is going on. It allows you to easily set your desired pressure for whatever you are inflating, whether it be tires or sports balls.

This particular model has a unique feature in its camping and urgency light. This refers to two built in LED lights, which have three different settings– lighting, flash, and SOS. These lights will work for up to 120 hours after a full charge. 

Some of its key features are below:

  • Easy to read power indicator
  • Built in USB ports for smartphones and similar devices
  • Small, light, and easily portable
  • Flimsy case that is a tight fit for the model


The JNCAIR model has a 22Ah Clore PROformer battery technology– this technology is designed to provide very high power output. The included welding cables are long and come with industrial grade PowerJaw clamps. Even better, the system is efficient and automatically recharges, which is not the case with many of the other models on the market. The unit automatically recharges and will then stop once the onboard battery is fully charged. 

The JNCAIR 1700 is strong enough that it can jump start heavy duty trucks, so it is a good fit for a number of vehicles. It is also easily portable, with a handle on the top, and has a case that is made from very sturdy, strong materials. It even has a rubberized base for added durability. It also features a 12vV auto battery booster, which gives it a very high battery capacity. Due to this, you will not have to recharge it often.

Some of its key features are below:

  • Built in voltmeter to show the onboard battery charge status
  • Rubberized base for durability
  • Built in charger
  • No USB input

DieHard 71688

The DieHard jump starter model has 1150 peak amps, as well as large capacity batteries. This makes it a great option for jump starting a number of vehicles. It also features a display screen that communicates information such as how the charging process is going. There is also a USB port that you can use to charge your phone or other devices while you jump start your car or inflate your tires.

This model has a 12V battery that can offer up to 54 hours of power– from two power outlets– and it delivers 400 watts of AC household power, too. It features a convenient handle for easy transportation. There is also a built in flashlight, so that you can easily use the unit in the dark, too. If you happen to connect the cables in the wrong way, there is even a hook up safeguard that will make a sound to alert you. 

Some of its key features are below:

  • Balanced combo of six power outlets
  • 12V DC power outlets for up to 54 hours of charging
  • Can power up to two household items simultaneously 
  • Scratches easily


The Stanley model is one with several great emergency features, in addition to its regular functions as a jump starter with an air compressor. It has overcharge protection, which will allow you to leave it plugged in for long amounts of time with no need to worry. There is also a reverse polarity warning for this unit. In addition to these, the model features an LED light that can turn up to 270 degrees to easily illuminate what you are working on!

It has 1000 peak Amps and a 500 CCA rating, meaning that it is capable of jump starting just about any car or truck. You can even use this model as a trickle charger for maintaining your car’s batteries. This allows you to keep vehicle batteries topped off and in perfect condition. This is especially helpful because certain vehicle batteries deteriorate over time when they are not being used as often. 

Some of its key features are below:

  • Metal powder coated clamps
  • USB port provides portable power for electronic devices
  • High power LED light that rotates 270 degrees
  • Noisier than some competitors

UTRAI Auto XS Jump Starter with Air Compressor

The Utrai model has a powerful peak current, which clocks in at 1800 amps. This makes it possible for you to use it for jump starting a wide variety of vehicles, from SUVs to motorcycles to RVs. Its air compressor feature can be used for sports balls and tires, but also larger items– it can even be used as a boat pump or a kayak pump. 

The model has features such as a built in cooling fan system. This system kicks on once the unit reaches certain temperatures so that you can safely and easily use it year round. The brand also includes plenty of features attachments to make usage as easy as possible– some of the features that you will find included are a cigar lighter adapter, USB charging cable, jumper cables, and a 120 PSI pressure gauge. 

Some of its key features are below:

  • LCD technology
  • Free spare jumper cables and Texas clamps
  • Built in fan cooling system
  • 1800 amp peak current creator to work with any vehicle
  • 24000 Ah lithium ion battery

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best jump starter on the market?

There are many jump starters on the market, and there are plenty of them that are great options, depending on your particular needs. Some of the best and most recommended brands are NOCO, Viking, and Audew. 

How many amps should a good jump starter have?

A good jump starter will need to have between 400 and 600 amps in order to jump start your car. Compact cars and some small vehicles can even be jump started with 150 amps. However, if you are searching for a jump starter for commercial use and commercial vehicles, you will need a jump starter that has a higher amperage, between 1500 and 2000 amps. 

What jump starter does AAA use?

There is a jump starter that is known as the Schumacher DSR ProSeries 2200 Peak Amps Jump Start portable power unit. It can be purchased through Amazon, so it is easy to get your hands on, and is commonly used and recommended by professionals and auto shops. It is also the jump starter that is used by AAA!

How many amps does it take to jump start a V8?

If you are trying to jump start a V8 engine, you will need between 400 and 600 amps to successfully start the engine. Any jump starter with amperage between these values should be more than enough! 

Why should I get a jump starter with an air compressor?

Getting a combination jump starter with an air compressor can be helpful because, of course, it can serve two purposes in one. It can jump start your car and inflate your tires, too. It also saves space in the back of your car by having one unit that can do both functions, rather than having two separate machines.