Best Wired Garage Door Keypad

Today we’re going to check out the best-wired garage door keypad! There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best keypad. For example, you always want to have a keypad that’s weatherproof, able to be used outside, compact and easy to install, and one that supports both standard passwords and access cards. This gives you the most options on how to keep your house safe and your garage accessible to you and your family.

This is a great addition to customizing your garage.

But why get a wired garage door keypad instead of a simple wireless one? The answer is that some people just like the convenience of having their security system hardwired into their house. Plus, a wired keypad is better than a wireless keypad if you live in an area of frequency interference, like near an airport.

A wired keypad is typically more reliable and a safer option for getting in and out of your garage. Since it’s wired directly into your house, there’s pretty much no chance of it failing.

Domino Engineering GD1 Keyless Hardwired Combination Garage Door Keypad

The Domino Engineering GD1 is a classic garage door keypad that doesn’t require a whole lot of technical skill for installation. Everything is hardwired and super easy to set up. The keypad allows you to set the code easily, then open your garage without a remote by simply punching in your password. It works great with all kinds of available garage door openers! 

The keypad allows for passwords up to six digits. The manufacturer also has a ton of other great devices that can all work together, like their thermostat, ceiling fan controller, motion sensors, and water leak sensors.

The keypad looks and feels great. It’s easy to program. It uses 3 AA batteries for power, so that’s something to keep in mind before installing. There are also no letters on the keys, only numbers for number passwords. The keypad itself is installed outside the garage while the control panel is inside. The control panel lets you close and open the door from inside the garage without needing to punch in your code, which is nice and convenient.

Supreform IP68 Waterproof Digital Wired Keypad 

This next keypad is heavy-duty. It’s ideal for use outside, with the keypad itself sealed by special epoxy resin to make it 100% waterproof. This thing is not going to be damaged in a rainstorm! The keypad also boasts a wide range of inputs, able to be powered using a 12VDC or a 24VDC. The keypad works universally with all doors, and it’s compatible with just about every brand of gate opener and access control system. 

This keypad is a little more high-tech than some of the others. It has backlit keys to make it easy to see what you’re doing at night. There’s a special sensor that can be added as well that sounds an alarm when somebody is tampering with your garage door keypad, trying to bust it open.

The keypad is encased in metal. It gives 3 awesome ways to open your garage door, or really any other kind of entrance you hook the keypad up to. You can use up to 2000 different codes that the keypad will remember, or you can use a special ID card that comes included with the keypad. And if either of those things isn’t secure enough, you can program the keypad to require an ID card and a code to open.

TOPENS TC175P Touch Panel Wired Keypad

The TOPENS Touch Panel Wired Keypad is perfect for automatic driveway gates and garages. The keypad comes built inside a robust structure, completely waterproof. It’s compatible with all the gate openers from TOPENS, as well as some third-party openers. The design of the keypad itself is quite clever, with LED backlights to make the entrance easy at night.

Like all the best-wired keypads, TOPENS offers the choice between an RF card or a password, or both. But one of the best things about TOPENS is their customer service, as they offer premium customer support to help you every step of the way, especially if you get confused and need assistance with installation, though installing the TOPENS wired keypad is quite simple.

Retekess T-AC03 Security Access Control Keypad 

The Retekess T-AC03 Security Control Keypad is the last garage door access system you’ll ever need. It is sturdy, rugged, and built to last. The circuit board is encased in epoxy, made to be weatherproof – and unlike most garage keypads, the keypad itself with the 9 numbers on it is also waterproof for use outdoors.

There is a handy backlight function, it has an adjustable relay time up to 99 seconds, and it’s easy to install even for a hardwired system. It comes complete with an RFID card, up to 2000 passwords, and the option to require both the RFID and the password to open the door.

The Retekess is honestly one of the best budget keypads out there. It’s built to last, using strong materials. You can delete any lost RFID cards from the system. You can also delete old passwords from the system when somebody else moves out of your home. It will work in the winter, and it gives you complete peace of mind knowing that your home and everything in it will be safe.