How to Get Rid of Bats In Your Garage

How to Get Rid of Bats In Your Garage

Your garage can be a workspace or a space that is simply designated for storage, whether of your car or other items, too, like machinery or food. However, regardless of how you use this space, you do not want to share it with any uninvited guests!

If you have bats in your garage, you will want to chase them out– luckily, there are plenty of ways to do this without harming them, as they are important for insect control and even pollination. Take a look at the following methods for some ways to expel the bats from your garage.

How to Get Rid of Bats In Your Garage

When you are dealing with bats in your garage, chances are that you want to get them out of there as soon as you can! Luckily, there are lots of different techniques that you can implement to chase out the animals, or otherwise deter them, without the help of a professional. Read on to learn more.

Use Smells

Smells are one of the easiest ways to get rid of animals in your space, as many different animals have smells that they dislike so much that you can use them to drive them away! One of the smells that bats do not like in particular is the smell of mothballs. Luckily, mothballs are pretty easy to acquire. You can purchase them and then place them in spots throughout the garage in order to expel the bats from the garage. You can also get essential oils scented with cinnamon or eucalyptus. With essential oils, you can choose to mix them with water and put them in a spray bottle to cover the space, or you can soak cotton balls directly in the oils and then place them strategically around the area. You can also spray the perimeter of the outside of the garage, too. 

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Use Reflective Objects

Reflective objects can be a natural deterrent to bats, too, so using these sorts of items can be a humane way to deal with a bat problem. Half of getting rid of bats involves making the space inhospitable and uncomfortable for them, so nasty smells or reflective objects are sure to do the trick. You can hang items that will catch and reflect the light in your garage, or place them in spots around the room where they are sure to catch the light. Some examples of reflective objects that you can use are CDs, mirrors, pieces of aluminum foil, or even mylar balloons. 

Use Noise

Noise is another way to make a garage inhospitable for bats. Bats are cave dwellers, and they like dark, cozy, quiet spaces– so a loud space is going to quickly run them out! Plus, lots of loud noises will convince bats that your garage is not a safe space to raise their young– which is why many animals try to make a home in your garage.

One of the ways that you can make the garage a noisy place is to play music on a portable radio or speaker, which will certainly annoy the bats. It is sometimes also recommended that you try to use ultrasonic devices to scare the bats, as these noises will interfere with the bats’ sonar. 

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Call the Experts

Smells, excess noise, and reflective objects are all ways that you can effectively DIY this and get rid of the bats in your garage. Sometimes, though, this may not work– perhaps the mother has babies that she does not want to abandon, or perhaps your bat infestation is simply too severe. If these methods are not working, it is time to call in the experts. Many wildlife removal companies have experience in dealing with bats and will be able to safely remove them from your garage and either rehabilitate them or relocate them somewhere more suitable. This can be a more expensive option, so you may want to try some of the cheaper methods first. 

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Clean Your Space

Now, it is important to note that this is partially a preventative method and can help to avoid future bat infestations. It is also important to do after you get rid of the bats for sanitary reasons. Cleaning may help you to eliminate any food sources for the bats that you did not realize they were accessing. Plus, after having bats in your garage, you will have a mess of droppings and waste on your floor. This should be cleaned up with heavy-duty products like bleach, and you should be sure to wear the proper cleaning equipment to stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What smell will keep bats away?

Certain smells can be deterrents to bats, and can be a great, easy way to get them out of your space. Some of these smells include the scent of cinnamon, eucalyptus, white phenol, and mothballs. You can get essential oils of these scents to use in your garage and make it unappealing to the bats. 

How do I permanently get rid of bats?

If you need to get rid of bats, you can call a wildlife removal company– this is something that can be done if you are having trouble getting rid of the bats yourself. Some other ways to get rid of bats permanently involve ensuring that the bats cannot reenter your space. Be sure to keep your doors and windows closed, and patch up any holes or cracks that animals could be entering through. 

Where do bats hide in the garage?

Bats are cave dwellers! This means that they like dark, quiet spaces. Typically, bats will hide in the vents that are located high up on the walls of your garage. They may also enter and exit the space through these vents. 

Do bats hate mothballs?

Yes, mothballs are one of the scents that bats do not like, so they are an easy and cheap way to deter bats from your garage space. Scents can be a great way to deal with pests and infestations, as many animals have specific smells that really bother them.