how to get rid of flies in your garage

How To Get Rid of Flies in a Garage

How to Get Rid of Flies In a Garage

If you are experiencing flies in your garage, there could be a few different reasons for this. Some of the causes for a fly infestation in a garage are a lack of cleanliness or improper garbage storage, as flies are drawn to the decomposing matter.

 It is important at first that you determine the cause of the issue before delving into the best solution. For instance, if your infestation simply stems from improper garbage storage, you can address the problem by adjusting your garbage storage methods. Then, you can eliminate the infestation and be sure that it will not happen again. 

Determine the Root Cause 

First of all, you should take the time to figure out what is attracting the flies to your garage. You will want to take direct action to solve this problem so that it does not continue to occur. For instance, if you hire an exterminator to rid your garage of the infestation, but do not address the root cause, it will not be long before a new group of flies moves in and you are back at square one!

One of the simplest causes of a fly infestation can be the cleanliness of the garage. Take a look at the last time you did a deep clean of your space– or even cleaned it at all. Many homeowners do not think about cleaning their garages the same way that they think about cleaning the rest of the home, such as the bathrooms or bedrooms. A buildup of dirt, grime, or spillage can be what attracts the flies to your garage, so by cleaning the space properly, you can avoid further infestation. 

Flies are also attracted to decaying material, so it is important to look at your methods of garbage storage. Do you keep garbage in your garage for a while before bringing it to the dump? The flies may be drawn into the space due to this, especially if you are not keeping the trash in air-tight, leak-proof and smell-proof containers.

Get New Trash Cans

As is mentioned above, improper garbage storage can be a cause for a fly infestation. This fix can also be easier and less costly than hiring an exterminator or professional cleaners. Investing in newer and better trash cans can be both a resolution to the current issue and a preventative measure for the future. 

For example, you do not want to use open trash cans, as they do not conceal the smell of the garbage inside. These open trash cans can become a breeding ground for flies. You’ll want to ensure that your trash can choices have lids and have the proper seal to avoid the escape of smells or liquids.

It’s also important to properly clean your trash containers, especially during the hotter months. You should ensure that you have a trash bag or some sort of liner in the container to avoid matter getting stuck on the sides, and you will need to use a high-quality cleaner, rather than just water, in order to fully get the job done.

Check For Leaks

To figure out how flies are getting into the garage space, you should also check for leaks. This refers to any gaps around the windows or garage doors where flies could get through. If you find any of these, you should then treat and plug them to prevent any more flies from entering the space. You can either plug these yourself or hire a professional to do so.

Flies often search for environments that are closed off and empty of environmental threats, so this could be why they are attracted to your garage. This is where they typically hatch their eggs– so, even if only a couple of flies enter your space, you may find many more flies in your garage after eggs are laid and hatched!

Place Fly Traps

One of the first things you may think of to rid your self of an infestation are traps. You certainly can place fly traps in your garage to deal with your issue, but you will need to be strategic in your placement. You will want to hang the traps in easy to reach areas that are clear of other distractions or objects. Hanging the traps near an open window can also be a good idea.

Most fly traps are designed to kill flies with a jolt of electricity. There are also other trap models, such as glue traps, where flies are trapped by an adhesive, rather than killed instantaneously like with the electric models. 

If fly traps are still not working enough to completely fix the problem, you can also opt to hire a professional exterminator. This is a more expensive option than traps, so you may want to try hanging traps first. However, based on the size of your infestation, hiring an exterminator may be wise. Professionals will have additional tools and chemicals or cleaning solutions in their arsenal that you may not be able to get, or may not know how to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many flies in my garage?

Flies are often drawn to spaces by air currents and odours. Humidity, a lack of cleanliness in your garage, or storing garbage inside the space can be some things that attract large amounts of flies. When a garage is left open often, there is also a larger chance of flies getting inside. Once the flies enter the garage, there are not many windows or points of exit or entry, so flies will likely not leave and may even multiply inside. 

How do I get rid of flies in my garage fast?

Some of the methods to get rid of a fly infestation in your garage are to clean the space to combat the cause of the infestation, as well as to make a swimming pool trap or mix a vinegar solution. If none of these are working, you can also hire a professional exterminator to get the job done.

What about Spiders?

Insects, in general, can be a problem, but depending on what type of insects you’re working against the solution may be different. The biggest thing it to keep the garage clean, sealed and clear of garbage. Spiders can present interesting issues because although it may seem like they will help you with your fly problem, the spiders present their own issues. Check out our article about getting rid of spiders as well.

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