How to restore a faded garage door

How to Restore a Faded Garage Door

How to Restore a Faded Garage Door

Your garage door can take a lot of wear and tear— and it needs to, being outside in the elements as it is. However, over time, your garage door can end up becoming faded or oxidized, due to these same elements or due to changes in temperature over the course of the seasons.

At this point, you will want to start giving your garage door some TLC to restore it to its former looks and quality. Read on to learn more about restoring your old garage door, and what you can do when it is faded and no longer looking its best!

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Repaint It

One of the first options you have for giving your garage door a refresh is to paint the door. This has some pros and cons, though, which you will want to consider.

Repainting is fairly easy and has less steps than some other methods of restoring your garage door— which means it can be one of the more inexpensive options, too. Plus, you can pick a new paint color to really give your garage door a refresh, instead of just using the same color that the door already was.

However, that being said, this may not be the right option for all garage doors. For example, some say that repainting a garage door can ruin the baked on finish of a metal garage door. These folks believe that the best option is to refinish your garage door, which we will go over below. You should always look at the material and finish of your garage door to ensure painting it is truly your best bet.

Refinish It 

As we mentioned above, refinishing is another way to restore a faded garage door, and it is the preferred method for many. Of course, there are pros and cons here, too. For instance, refinishing takes longer and is a more involved process. You will usually need to sand down the door and then apply a stain and finish. This also means it is more expensive, as it requires more supplies to get the job done right.

Refinishing, though, does have the advantage of better protecting your garage door than paint, especially if it is a metal garage door. This means that your garage door will last longer and look better. It will also not damage the baked on finish of the garage door as some believe that painting the door will do. 

Wash It

Finally, you can wash your garage door. This is the most cost-effective option, and is what you should turn to before deciding to repaint or refinish. After all, sometimes, all your door needs is some elbow grease! A dingy door may simply look this way because it has accumulated dirt over time.

Use a rag or a sponge, along with water and a gentle detergent like dish soap. Once you have scrubbed away, make sure to dry the door properly to avoid causing rust. Washing your garage door is also a way for you to get rid of oxidation, which can damage the door over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my garage door look new again?

A garage door can add to or detract from the curb appeal of your home, especially if your garage is easily visible from the street. There are some different things you can do to spruce up your garage door and get it looking new again.

One easy way is to get some paint and repaint your garage door. You can also use a finishing product, such as Everbrite Coating, which will help to restore the color of your door and protect it from wearing or fading. Still another easy way to refresh your garage door is to wash or clean it!

How do you remove oxidation from garage doors?

Oxidation can be caused by issues like salt, dirt, or moisture, and it can affect the look and quality of your metal garage door. Of course, this is something that you will want to remove, as it can be unsightly! Plus, oxidation leads to rust, and can create holes in your garage door over time if left untreated. Luckily, it is not very difficult to clean oxidation off your garage door.

One way that you can do this is to use water and a mild dish soap or detergent to clean the garage door with a rag or a sponge. Focus on the area of the door with the most oxidation, and then allow your garage door to dry properly. 

Why is my garage door fading?

Over time, you may notice that your garage door is not looking as brand new as it did at first. One of the reasons for this is that your garage door might be fading, and you may notice this happening the longer your garage door is in use.

The reason for your garage door’s fading is due to its being outside. The elements, such as wind, rain, snow, or hail can affect and damage the finish on the garage door, causing it to start fading. Another reason is the changes in temperature outside that your door may be experiencing.

Extreme temperature fluctuations can affect the material of your garage door, making it fade, and can even cause cracking or degradation as well— as the protective top coating on the door can be worn down by the sun over time.

How do you re-varnish a garage door?

Instead of replacing a garage door, it makes more sense to repair the one you have when it comes to aesthetic needs. For instance, you can re-varnish your garage door when it is in need by following a few steps. First, clean and sand the door.

Then, you should prep the surface for staining and ensure it is fully dried. Then, you can apply the stain and then apply the varnish over the top. If you have ever stained and varnished a piece of furniture, or your deck, for example, it is a similar process!