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At Timberstone Projects we are always on the lookout for great new partnerships. We are in this community and industry for the long haul and we like working with other people.

Privateers Garage first came up on our radar when we were doing several garage builds and garage-to-home gym renovations and we connected with them about strategy and design.

After several projects, we decided to join forces and bring everything under one roof.

The Privateers Garage for a long time has been about helping people and, we loved that. They had a collection of content about making the most out of your garage, renovating your garage, building a garage and of course using it for things like a workshop of a gym. We have incorporated a large percentage of their content onto this site and hope it not only serves our audience but also helps new people looking for the same solutions we look for.

Check out these blog post categories for more specific information.

Garage Renovations

Garage Cooling

Garage Heating

Garage Gym

Garage Living

Garage Maintenance

Garage Tech

Garage Tools (and general construction tool reviews)

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